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About Mars 2026

Mars2026.org, a 501(c) (3) Non-profit Organization, is announcing an exclusive, one-of-a-kind program called "Go to Mars for Only $20 Dollars." This program is designed for all citizens, because 'We the People', have the inalienable right to access the outer limits of space and Mars. The program was designed and developed to take everyone to Mars and bring them safely back to Earth.

Our program is premier in nature and will include prototyping and developing new space vehicles, creating all relevant logistics, and the management of the entire human mission to Mars. Our MARS 2026 program and its architecture are designed from its conceptual stage, through to today, to be very friendly and accessible to anyone interested in participating in this program. Our well-designed program will also include public outreach, working to create a membership for a purpose of astronaut flight crew assembly, training and preparation for manned missions to Mars. In addition to flight training, there are plans to formally collaborate with dozens of experts, from the field of physical and mental health, medicine, biotech, genetics, human biology, AI, machine learning, robotics, rocket science, nutrition, psychology, hydroponics, vertical farming and food production. In this way our project will advance research, scientific study, and promote the benefit of space travel to humankind, and discover new worlds for the advantage of a global community interested in these issues.

Our main goal is to create a complete "Earth-Mars Exploration and Settlement Industry." This industry will create millions of jobs for all the people to last into the next 100 years. This new industry will require manufacturing, engineering, construction and other heavy industrial jobs. The development of this new industry will begin when elsewhere these jobs are vanishing, and never coming back due to outsourcing, robots and automation.

The ultimate goal for all the research and development is to send millions of regular people to the planet of Mars and to create a permanent human settlement there.
Then to establish a city on Mars with thousands of spaceships carrying travelers back and forth from Earth to Mars. Due to a fact that no one is working on a mission to take humanity to the next level, we at Mars 2026 have created a number of Mars mission objectives. We need to get to Mars in order to establish a human settlement there. This will give us a better access to the Asteroid Belt, so we can start mining asteroids. New resources will give us an ability to start building, at least, a first segment of Dyson's Sphere. By accessing an enormous amounts of solar energy, we will be able to get human civilization in the game, according to requirements of Kardashev Scale. After establishing ourselves on Level 1, we'll be able to reach for a new levels in order to advance our civilization.

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